Dual Citizenship Brazil

Citizenship in Brazil is based primarily on jus soli (right of the soil). Thus, generally, anyone born in Brazil acquires citizenship at birth.

Dual citizenship has been permitted without restriction since June 9, 1994. Anyone who lost citizenship prior to this date can have it reinstated.

Brazil Dual Citizenship

How can you acquire Brazilian citizenship?

Citizenship By City-of-birth


Anyone born in Brazil acquires citizenship at birth, except for those born to parents in the service of a foreign government, such as foreign diplomats.

Those born outside Brazil to a Brazilian parent who is in the service of the Brazilian government or to a Brazilian parent and registered with a Brazilian consular office are also citizens by birth.

Citizenship By Descent


Those born to a Brazilian parent, whether in Brazil or abroad, are entitled to citizenship by descent provided that the birth is registered with a local Brazilian consulate.

Citizenship By Naturalization


Those meeting the following requirements may apply for naturalization:

  • at least 4 years of uninterrupted residence in Brazil (1 year for those who have a Brazilian spouse, parent, or child, or are nationals of Portuguese-speaking countries) (2 years for those with "professional, scientific, or artistic ability") (3 years for persons of higher net worth);
  • permanent residence in Brazil;
  • ability to speak and write Portuguese;
  • sufficient finances to support yourself.
Citizenship By Marriage


Those who are married to a Brazilian may apply for naturalization after 1 year of residence in Brazil.