Dual Citizenship Bulgaria

Bulgarian citizenship is primarily based on jus sanguinis (right of blood). Because Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, Bulgarian citizenship provides citizenship in the EU. This allows unrestricted travel and residence in any of the member states in the EU.

Bulgaria also permits dual citizenship.

Bulgaria Dual Citizenship

How can you acquire Bulgarian citizenship?

Citizenship By City-of-birth


Those who are born in Bulgaria acquire Bulgarian citizenship unless citizenship of another country has been acquired by descent. Citizenship is also available to those born in Bulgaria to stateless or unknown parents.

Citizenship By Descent


Those born to at least one Bulgarian parent are entitled to citizenship by descent.

Citizenship By Naturalization


Those meeting the following requirements may apply for naturalization:

  • must have been granted permission for permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria not less than 5 years ago;
  • has not been sentenced by a Bulgarian court for a premeditated crime of a general nature and has not been the subject of criminal proceedings for such a crime unless the person has been rehabilitated;
  • has an income and occupation to supporting themselves in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • command of the Bulgarian language;
  • must give up previous citizenship at the moment of acquiring Bulgarian citizenship.

Naturalization may be available without the above requirements if the Republic of Bulgaria has an interest in the person's naturalization or the person has made a special contribution to Bulgaria in the social and economic spheres, field of science, technology, culture or sports.

Citizenship By Marriage


Those who are married to a Bulgarian citizen may apply for naturalization after 3 years of residence in Bulgaria (reduced from the typical 5 year residence requirement).

Citizenship By Adoption


Those under age 14 who are adopted by Bulgarian citizens may acquire Bulgarian citizenship.