Dual Citizenship Colombia

Colombian citizenship, governed by the Constitution of Colombia and the 1st Act of 2002, is primarily based on the principles of jus soli (right of the soil) and jus sanguinis (right of blood).

Colombia permits dual citizenship. The Constitution provides that Colombian nationality is not lost when a citizen acquires another nationality. Those who renounce Colombian citizenship may reacquire it later.

Colombia Dual Citizenship

How can you acquire Colombian citizenship?

Citizenship By City-of-birth


Those born in Colombia acquire Colombian citizenship if at least one parent is either a Colombian citizen or resident in Colombia.

Those born outside Colombia to at least one Colombian parent can register as a citizen by birth with a local consulate or by returning to Colombia as residents.

Citizenship By Descent


Those born to at least one Colombian parent, regardless of the place of birth, are entitled to citizenship. If born outside Colombia, their births can be registered with a local consulate.

Citizenship By Naturalization


Those meeting the following requirements may apply for naturalization:

  • at least 5 years of permanent residence (reduced to 1 year for citizens of a Latin American or a Caribbean country) (2 years for citizens of Spain and for those married to a Colombian citizen or who has Colombian children)
Citizenship By Marriage


Those who are married to a Colombian spouse may apply for naturalization after having resided in Colombia for at least 2 years (reduced from the general 5 year residence requirement).