Dual Citizenship Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein permits its citizens to acquire dual citizenship. For example, if a Liechtenstein citizen acquires a second citizenship in another country, that person is allowed to have Liechtenstein dual citizenship, assuming that the second country also permits dual citizenship.

However, for those who wish to naturalize as a Liechtenstein citizen, they must renounce the original citizenship in order to become a Liechtenstein citizen.

Liechtenstein Dual Citizenship

How can you acquire Liechtenstein citizenship?

Citizenship By Descent


Those born to at least one Liechtenstein parent automatically receive Liechtenstein citizenship at birth, whether born in or out of wedlock.

Citizenship By Naturalization


After 30 years of residence in Liechtenstein, you can apply for naturalization. Years spent in Liechtenstein under age 20 counts as 2 years. You must have been a permanent ordinary resident for at least 5 years before the application. You must also renounce your original citizenship.

It is possible to bypass the 30 year requirement by acceptance into national citizenship by election. Through this method, the voting population of the community of residence vote on whether one should be accepted as a Liechtenstein citizen. Final approval requires consent from the Liechtenstein Parliament and granting of citizenship by the Prince. This method also requires that the original citizenship be renounced.

Citizenship By Marriage


Those that are married to a Liechtenstein spouse may apply for citizenship after meeting the following requirements:

  • at least 10 years of residence in Liechtenstein, with the years of marriage counting as double;
  • at least 5 years of marriage;
  • renunciation of previous nationality;
  • the Liechtenstein spouse must not have acquired nationality by a previous marriage;
  • knowledge of German and basic knowledge of the law and political structure of Liechtenstein.