Dual Citizenship Russia

Russian citizenship is based primarily upon the principle of jus sanguinis (right of blood).

Russia permits dual citizenship.

Russia Dual Citizenship

How can you acquire Russian citizenship?

Citizenship By City-of-birth


Those born to at least one Russian parent acquire Russian citizenship at birth.

Those born in Russia to parents who are both permanent residents of Russia who do not acquire any other citizenship may also acquire Russian citizenship.

Those found abandoned on Russian territory to unknown parents may acquire citizenship.

Citizenship By Descent


The citizenship of minor children generally follows the parents' citizenship. If one or both parents acquire Russian citizenship, the children also become Russian. Similarly, if one or both parents lose Russian citizenship, the children lose it as well.

Citizenship By Naturalization


Those meeting the following requirements may apply for naturalization:

  • Has been a permanent resident of Russia for at least 5 years;
  • Promises lawful behaviour;
  • Has a legal source of income;
  • Has applied for termination of previous citizenship (actual loss of citizenship is not required);
  • Can speak the Russian language.